Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prince Ivan & the Firebird's Feather ~

(For some reason this painting is hard to photograph - it's not this pale...)

This is the 2nd painting in a set of images from Russian fairytales. I'm using the so-called Venetian glazing technique for these paintings - first the image is painted using burnt umber and white, then the colors are applied over the underpainting in transparent layers. I still have a lot of glazing yet to do on Prince Ivan & the Firebird's Feather. Of all the paintings I've ever worked on, this one has required the greatest number of colors - 21 and counting. I usually work with 6 or fewer.

Here's what I used: Burnt Umber, Zinc White, Burnt Sienna, Transparent Brown, Italian Earth, Green Earth, Yellow Ochre, Brown Ochre, Venetian Red, Alizarin Crimson, Rose Madder, Cadmium Yellow Light, Aureolin, Viridian, Veronese Green, Hooker's Green, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Stil de Grain Vert, Ivory Black, and Mars Violet.

Here's my palette - (a piece of discarded foamcore.)


Anonymous said...

the painting has a magical,mystical quality I very much like...and even your pallat is artful my friend :)

Dan Dutton said...

Thanks, David ~ I like the palette too!

Happier said...

What a beautiful fairytale! As you know, I did not grow up with all these magical today, I so appreciate them! I all fairytales end do well? And yes, your art it magic, as always.