Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Salamander ~ (stills from You'll Always Come Back)

Maybe all abandoned houses are haunted. I made a joke that we were going to work in a haunted house to the YACB performers when the first batch of us went in. Then it turned out to be true - each performer, in one way or another, had some sort of unsettling experience in the house. Isaac and I, perhaps, were troubled the least - or took the strangeness for granted in a way that allows you to experience more of it. I think he and I live that way.

These are images shot on the staircase, with a gun we found in the house. Shane had the camera, I did the makeup and direction. We started in the cellar and worked our way upward, but the staircase is as far as we got.

Then Jordan was in the house and took some pics with his phone, and the orbs showed up.

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Happier said...

"The Salamander (a mischievous Trickster) guides each person to a path of his or her own."