Friday, April 8, 2011

Primary Vanity ~

In earlier posts I mentioned that my first memory, of the primary colors, began a series of primary paintings and art of all sorts. They happen sporadically. Earlier this year long time friends commissioned me to make a new version of one of those - Primary Cat Attack. Soon after completing it, the Primary Vanity popped into my head, helped along by the thought that my collaborating woodworker, Jake Shackleford, would be able to make a sublime cabinet for the paintings.

The paintings are a combination of sepia ink, watercolor and oil paints, cut through to show the mirrors behind them. Each time that I approach the primary paintings the 3 colors take on different personalities. This time yellow seems wholesome; red fantastical; blue - mysterious and serene. I was almost finished with the red drawing when the outline of a Goatweed butterfly took shape merged with the face. That's a whole nother story.


Anonymous said...

these are magical...taking me away, a world filled with fantasy and mystery.

beautiful, well done.

Happier said...

This reflects both blogs probably since I read at same time. I have no childhood memory of dreams. I have only a nightmare of waves crashing against me. What I wanted to say was this painting of the carpentryship is marvelous. The technique, the paintings, the artmanship is wonderous. Again, as always, you shine in my world.