Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daffodils ~

Oil on linen, 30" x 24" ~

I picked these King Alfred daffodils thinking they'd be bitten by a frost. Like the first ikebana, they were thrust, albeit not by a samurai, casually in a vase of violet glass. Not as much wabi as a water bucket on a battlefield, but good enough to make me think of painting it.

The design in the background is a 5 yard piece of indigo batik, by my friend Oyeniyi Obanji, a Yoruba artist and Sango dancer living in Osogbo, Nigeria. I added the silk to bring some more violet in.

Over the years I've painted and drawn daffodils a number of times. It's a way to celebrate Spring.


Anonymous said...

that is truly beautiful...invoking the spirit of spring...lovely

Dan Dutton said...

Thank you, David!

Happier said...

This is really good. I haven't figured out how to paint glass yet.

Ajala Sangosakin said...

Wow this work is very good and i like it sooooooooooooooooo much.And also it truly beautiful.