Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day, 2010 ~

Ink on paper, 24" x 32"

Shane & I spent the day inside yesterday, eating treats and watching anime, enjoying each others company. With the dark came the rare snow, soft and lovely, on Christmas Eve. This morning I got up early and walked all the way to Pitman Creek with Alf, looking for images to paint. Everything looked so beautiful that it was hard to choose what, in particular. I settled on yet another view down the creek, and decided that the tricky medium of Japanese ink was best suited for it.

This evening I actually snuggled up in a chair beside the logs crackling in the fireplace, read some Gertrude Stein and gazed at the Christmas tree, counting my blessings.

I've enjoyed this Christmas the best of any since I was a child.

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SBD said...

reading this post makes me so so so very happy