Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Cedars ~

I keep circling round a project of painting cedars, remembering a single (I thought successful) ink drawing of them, done back in the 80s, and thinking surely I can do something with them again. The shapes and colors of cedars are unique - nothing else has the texture, or that multi-shade of green that seems to have maroon hidden inside it. Or blood. Which fits with the Cherokee legend that the powerful red fragrance of the cedar heartwood is a stain that dripped, long ago, from the decapitated head of an overly dangerous ancient sorcerer. Today was blustery and the cedars were even better in cloud darkened motion. Maybe I can settle on something in these images to paint!


Kim said...

The clouds in the middle image appear to be vibrating with electricity. (Or maybe I've been too long at the computer? lol.) I wonder if that effect can be captured in a painting?

SBD said...

In the cedars, a small hidden village exists... go with care as you paint their faces will appear

Alan (Evil) Miller said...

I took some cedar shots (is a stand of cedars called a cedar cosp?) down by where you think the original Dutton house was. I'll see if I can find them. I have some good shots from Dave's farm as well. They're difficult to capture.