Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn ~

At Dry Branch ~ Kim as The Ancestress ~ pix by DD & Shane


Alan (Evil) Miller said...


KimieK said...

Ha! Yes "!" indeed, Alan. That was a fun (and unexpected!) saunter through the branch!

Dan, Jeff coined the word "bidrogynous" to describe these. He said the first thing he thought of was a female faun (!). This is a huge step forward toward the Ancestress for me.

Cathy said...


SBD said...

Amazing photos!

Dan Dutton said...

I'm not sure, but I think Shane made the first pic - I know I made the third one... I like bidrogynous! Autumn (Keats notwithstanding) would have to be that - time of flux.

I think that stalking the character of The Ancestress via visual performances if a good tactic. That's why I want to assemble the representations into one view and map it. Whew! So much to do!

Thanks all!