Friday, August 27, 2010

Overwhelmed ~

Yesterday was quite a day. I was up before daylight and headed for Louisville for a YACB photo shoot in the strange art deco mansion at Spalding, just across the street from the ballroom, our soon-to-be performance site. Once there the convergence began, first with Kasey, (my piscean twin ~ we were born on the same day) administrative director of the Kentucky School of Art, our presenters, then a barrage of phone and text messages as the others arrived. Next was Shane, early (! yah!) with his 100 watt smile. Then Evan, the ferryman, rolled in with the fabulous Little Feather (Elena) and Idrissa, the rock. They were followed by Kim and Burley, Elizabeth (the new arts reporter for the Courier, whom I now count as a friend), my wondrous sister, Sarah, with our dear friend Robert in tow, and soon after Wu and her lovely daughter. Wow!

The occasion was for Elena to make some photographs of the YACB dancers in full garb. You'll see the images soon. From what I saw on Elena's laptop, prepare to be amazed. She is simply one of the best photographers, and I think the site and subjects were so in her zone. Like every artist who is really really good, Elena has a busy schedule. She made the trip to Louisville and worked hard all day to capture the magic out of sheer love and mutual admiration. As did everyone - well, it's true that Elizabeth was on the job for the paper, but I think she was having a good time too! Add to this, not present, but behind the scenes, William and Kirby, who loaned the lights for the shoot and helped make it possible, and then, Steve and Laura Lee, whose belief in my work brought it all together. Wow. And there are more ~ all the performers, all the supporters, all the friends and family who have helped enrich, guide and shape the process.

What overwhelms me is the belief in the work that I do. It is everything to me, and sacrificing time and energy for it is my life and my joy, so I'm always glad to be working on "the project." That people whom I love and admire are willing to sacrifice their time and energy is humbling. I don't know any way to express my gratitude and love except to make the best art that I can.

My love and thanks to everyone in the YACB complex! (

The pic shows Elena and Evan getting ready to snap Idrissa on the stairs ~ I really think that when an amateur photographer like myself takes a photo of a great photographer like Elena, it's better if it's blurry and badly lit.)


Cathy said...

I can't wait to see her photos! Wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Great, great, great work -- moving right ahead...