Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lucky in Love ~

I've been working on this painting forever, or nearly. I know that it started back in the 80s. At first it was a black canvas with cobalt thumb prints. It even had a title; "Sylvannia" ~ both a joke on the TV brand blue screen with pixels, and in a deeper sense of the woods at night - one of the primal fears of humanity, so I've read, but I love the woods at night. I thought of doing a similar painting, a collection of hundreds of 4 leaf clovers sealed into the paint layers. That one was going to be called "Life of Idleness" ~ but I never did it.

I've always thought of myself as the luckiest man alive. But like Pan I figured the downside was a lack of luck in love.

In the 90s, at Robb's urging, I painted the figure of a crouching blue man on the field of thumb dots. This was partly to make up for the temporary loss of an earlier painting - "Rain in the Cornfield" that I loved. The being in that one was modeled on the body of my lover at the time.

Several years ago I started embedding objects in the paint layers - a sea shell, a piece of sequined cloth, a random shape of plywood left over from something I'd cut out - then a heart shape. I almost titled it Venus' Bed, but at the time, it seemed like something I didn't know that much about.

A few nights ago I dreamt that the movie producers I was working with offered me some books needed for my research, if I could climb through the challenges to get them. It was almost like that Japanese tv show contest of physical skills - Ninja Mountain. There were four books, but in my glance I could only get the gist of what two of them were ~ one was my completed collected works (The Ominichronic! Huge.) ~ but that would be posthumous, right? - and cheating. I was tempted. The other was nearly as large, titled simply "Cobalt." I didn't make it through the gauntlet to snag them, (the dream changed...) but the two wondrous books that got away inspired me regardless.

I'm calling this one "Lucky in Love."


Cathy said...

That's so beautiful, Dan! I want to dive into it...the texture is wonderful.

SBD said...

What Cathy sai, who could say it better?

SBD said...

What Cathy said, who could say it better?