Sunday, May 9, 2010

Headcase - (heads sold separately)~

Today I made the first of the 16 heads. The clay from here on the hill is plastic, but relatively soft. It's difficult to make large objects quickly with it. So I decided to speed things up by making a core of sedgegrass. And I decided that it would help me learn about Ifa to think about each of the first 16 odu (paths) of the Ifa oracle while I made the 16 heads. The first odu is Ejiogbe. the father of the rest. It represents light, and the right path ~ "The hands belong to the body. The feet belong to the body." These first 16 of the 256 odus are twins, because the 8 marks that present the oracle are paired, like matched butterfly wings. In a binary code there are 16 possible pairs of 4, and 240 other combinations.

Ifa reminds me of the I Ching - but the I Ching uses 3s rather than 4s. The first hexagramgram of the I Ching is "Ch'ien" "The Creative." "These unbroken lines stand for the primal power, which is light-giving, active, strong and of the spirit. This hexagram is consistently strong in power. Its image is Heaven."

The Headcase isn't finished. I still have to put the darker blue bogus woodgrain lines on it. Tomorrow I'll start on the next head, Oyekumeji, which is, predictably, "Darkness."

The woodwork on the case is by Jake Shackleford.

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