Monday, April 5, 2010

Petals ~


April Fool’s, but really
There is a corpse in the fencerow,
Where he crawled, one would imagine,
To escape the battlefield.

Angled under the tangled
Thicket of honeysuckle and briars,
Eyes glaucous, wide open, empty, staring
At the blank, overcast sky.

Frost bit the hillside hard
And hit the newly-opened peach buds
Such a gnash they loosed at dawn and fell, pink, slowly -
Darker mirrored in the dead man’s eye.

The proud will not endure -
they’re like dream on a spring night.
The mighty fall -
Like petals on frost.


Cathy said...

Beautiful! So spare, but the images are so vivid.

SBD said...

What Cathy said

Dan Dutton said...

Once I came up with the idea of the dead confederate soldiers being found on April Fool's day & mixed that with knowing that the peach trees were hit by hard frost that year, I haven't been able to get this image out of my head. It just keeps condensing. Thanks!