Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Daisy Oracle:

I was looking through one of my photo albums and happened on some photos of my Mom made by my friend Gabriela. Gabriela is an artist from Iceland. We met when she visited dandyland back in 2006, I think it was ~ she had just finished the work on a video for her friend, Bjork.

Gabriela really hit it off with my Mom ~ she was one of the rare few who recognized the quality of the art that my mom made. She made this photo of one of my Mom's "accumulations" (that's what Cebah called them!) ~ the Feathers.

We went on a walk together, to the pond back in the woods. It was late summer and the meadow there was covered with wildflowers. My Mom showed Gabriela how to find out if someone loves you by plucking off the petals of a daisy, while enchanting "love's me, love's me not, etc." until the last remaining petal reveals the truth. Of course she knew how to cheat at this. If I'm remembering correctly, this was something that Gabriela had never seen ~ maybe there aren't any daisies in Iceland.

I'm missing my Mom a lot. She loved art and could discern the real from the postured variety. These photos remind me, as Gabriela told me then, to "honor the work," and the generosity of spirits who can share it.

(Us in the Underworld)


Cathy said...

Wonderful photos, Danny, especially the one of Cebah's hands.

I'll never forget our visit to The Underworld! That was a special day.

Dan Dutton said...

It was only when I watched her show Gabriela how to do the daisy oracle that I realized that's how I'd learned to do it. So many of the things she showed me sank in so completely that the origin vanished in my mind and they seemed to be inherent just in being alive.

The original video that Gabriela showed me on her laptop was a lot more powerful than the choppily edited version that Bjork used ~ I'm guessing that it was altered to be more like a typical music video.

That entrance to The Underworld IS a magical spot ~ it has been a constant in my imagination since the first time I went there.

Happier said...

Actually, it was 2005, when my son's best friend was murdered. It brought about "touching the unknown".