Friday, February 19, 2010

Black Mask ~ White Mask

...That's the title of a book by Franz Fanon, well worth reading, and one of the intertwined subjects that Brent and I discussed whilst being snowed in the dandyland central orb for a week & a half. I was also working my way slowly, in bits and pieces when we weren't making music or conversing, through Michael Taussig's collection of anthropology essays titled "Walter Benjamin's Grave," and introducing excerpts as thoughts for us to ponder, such as this:

"Masquerade takes us to secrecy, one of the most persuasive ideas and feelings that fuels metaphysics, amounting to the sense that reality is constituted by a facade behind which lurk forces that form a system. Whether it be God, the psychic unconscious, the economic infrastructure, or whatever occult presence you wish to fantasize about, this two-layered model of the real consisting of a deceptive surface and concelaed deeper truth has driven religions, science, politics, and the police, as so many exemplars of "intelligent design."

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