Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grandma's Roses:

In a spare moment away from the hospital, I thought I'd post something related to You'll Always Come Back. This painting. about 10" x 24", is oil on wood. The wood looks like it had been part of a box. On the back, in black letters ~ Painted by Sarah Belle (Cundiff) Dutton around 1900. I think that my aunt Gladys tried to restore the faded color of the petals by repainting them, but she had a rather rough hand compared with my grandmother. & the pink she used faded too, as, I suppose, all painted petals must in time. Still, it's a lovely image.


Cathy said...

So beautiful it made me tear up.

I'm glad you're home, and send much love to you all.

Dan Dutton said...

Thanks! I tell mom that you are sending get well messages and she always smiles when she hears it.