Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Box that became a Wall:

Cebah got a new recliner, & I got the box. As soon as the delivery guys pulled up, and I saw the giant cardboard box, I made my move. "I'm really glad to get this box." I said, firmly, and gripped it firmly and carried it immediately away to the studio. It's not as easy to get big cardboard boxes these days as you might think.

I needed it for this portable Wall/Hillside. I've got to have something to signify the slope of the hill around Pete's Spring - big but light weight - this deconstructed cardboard box with red clay mud stripes, tatted onto a net of baling twine, has been in my head for months! I'm glad to finally get it out. This is the prototype for a larger piece. I think it would really nice in an apartment with the right colored wall. It is for sale, but you might have to loan it to You'll Always Come Back for the performance.

While Shane & I worked on this, we listened to ISWHAT?! + Dan at 21C (thanks Brent & Tobe!) & it sounds really good to me and it was the perfect deconstruction construction music.

Once it was done, Cebah came down to see it and pronounced it unique. That's good enough for me!


Cathy said...

Cebah got her hair done, yes? She looks lovely.

This is SO much fun! I'd love to have the wall in our place but Mack would be all over it.

Dan Dutton said...

It's just cardboard, let em at it! Cat effects are wabi. Yes, Phyllis gave her a perm.