Saturday, July 25, 2009

Download the Music:

Jeckyl & Vibes, the Deathslab record duo, now have a download page for two of my musical projects ~ Oft the Loner, and The Faun. http// & they're free!

Oft the Loner; Songs of Solitude is new (2009). The title song is my take on The Wanderer, one of the oldest poems in English. The Faun, was composed for the 2008 performances at Morlan Gallery, Lexington, & 21C Museum, Louisville, (both in Kentucky, USA).


Alan Evil said...

When will we see performances of this material? Some of the best treatments of your stuff I've heard (and as you well know, I've heard most of it).

Dan Dutton said...

Thanks ~ I think so too. I heard that you like the rhodes break in "Cowboy Dan's Return" too (I think that's the best piano part I've ever recorded.) ~ don't know when it might get performed... I'm deep into the music for YACB now.