Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Susan Alcorn; Suite for AHL:

When I began thinking of musicians to work with on You'll Always Come Back, Susan Alcorn immediately came to mind (she's always in the band of my dreams!). Susan is not only (for me) the ultimate pedal steel guitarist, but also a composer of great sensitivity. (as this video demonstrates.) We met & discovered our musical bond during Ballads of the Barefoot Mind, and I was honored that she joined the group for that concert at 21C Museum. We share love of the Tango, Jazz, & Country music ~ how many musicians have that combo? This video was the P.S. of her response to my invitation to participate in YACB - with a reminder that we've sworn to merge the natural combination of tango and country music. YACB could be the piece to do it!


Cathy said...

Ah, the Ballads concert at 21C was so magical. (Well, not counting the bourbon hangover.)

Dan Dutton said...

I'm just thrilled that Susan is considering working on YACB. I love her music.