Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things in Dance Space:

Yesterday's dance session was a bit of a train wreck. For now, until I can work out the basics of how movement works in YACB, we're simply dancing The Faun. But yesterday I expanded the space and arranged some objects inside it in a new configuration. As a result, The Faun was all over the place, spatially and experientially. (Don't they amount to the same thing?)
And because I was not only dancing but observing how the change effected the dance, it was hardly an integrated experience.
And to make matters more complicated it seemed I had a camera in my head, snapping images of things that looked right for YACB. I followed up on that by taking these pix immediately after the dance session, so the light was still somewhat the same.

The presence of Chisato Ejiri and Jim Christy is strong - the faun bench, and the hanging bag (made for Marc's exit in The Road) are Jim's work. The tatami mats, bamboo floor, and tea bowl come from Chisato. How I wish she were here to help me with the clothing for YACB!

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