Monday, April 27, 2009

Sketch for "The Battle of Dutton Hill":

Corpse of Civil War soldier ossified by Cordyceps - sketch for The Battle of Dutton Hill - oil on panel.


William said...

Damn, I had to look that up.


Dan Dutton said...

That's two expletives! Can I get three?

I have my finger on the gnarl factor & I'm moving the bar up, or down, or whichever way means more.

William said...

Why do I suspect this new project will not have a Ken Burns feel to it.

William said...

Oh, I see Cathy is using similar expletives in the next post.

You are stirring up the natives today.

Dan Dutton said...

The Ken Burns Effect - bleeh!

"The only thing worse than history is sitting thru his version of it." Dan Dutton

The cordyceps fungus is an interesting metaphor for this project. The type I have in mind grows out of the larval grub of the staghorn beetle - the mycilia of the fungus invade the body of the grub underground and ossify it into something that resembles wood ~ then it sends a prongy fingery like growth up thru the forest mulch. (One type is called Dead Man's Fingers.) That's the spore producing part of the fungus.

My first idea was to paint the cordyceps with flag patterns - confederate & union - a bit like the U.S.A. Trilogy!

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that in You'll Always Come Back I'm more like Cordyceps than Ken.