Monday, April 6, 2009

Plans for staging Part IV of "You'll Always Come Back" ~ The Lathe of Heaven:

The Lathe

Pete, hanged.


Cathy said...

Pete is a very obliging apprentice.

The lathe is fantastic, in the original sense of the word.

Dan Dutton said...

The line to his throat, so that he can feel and sing the vibrations from the wheel, was his idea. This scene takes place during the "nervous breakdown" of my grandfather, in the Old KY State Hospital - in which memory, history and fantasy are intersected - so it could hardly get too strange. I have two lathed pieces that he, or my great grandfather (?) made. One is installed in the studio stairs - the other seemingly has no practical function. Shane & I have decided that it does encode sounds of my grandfather's work - if only we can devise a way to make them audible.

Building this thing will be quite a job, since the flywheel must be rather precisely round and stable to produce the vibration in the line, transforming the installation space into the interior of a giant hurdy-gurdy. If that ain't insanity, what is?

Cathy said...

Divine insanity, dear boy!

SBD said...

Inspired insanity~~~the bestest kind!