Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Pink: (thoughts on a photograph)

Chisato once wrote
From Japan,
That she no longer wanted the pink
Of cherry blossoms, but
“real red, like the blood”.

I found my sakura
In a bargain bin, charmed by the idea,
But unable to imagine, then,
The tree, I bought it
Because it evoked
A distant world, and was cheap.

The gorgeous brocade
Of the springtime unfurls itself –
A pale blue sky with petal clouds.
Time drifts by like the
Falling of this soft pink snow
And the strength of the past falters
As the present grows.

A Japanese lady
Came for tea once, someone Chisato knew,
And gave me a bowl, not the plain style
Favored by tea masters, but dainty,
With a crowd of cherry blossoms
Tipped in gold – celebrate
The ephemeral. If it was a treasure
To her, she left it with a stranger.

How does the heart encompass
The wayside gifts, the fallen
Beauty strewn
In woman’s path?


SBD said...

This just might be my favorite phot of Mom~~Can't wait for an day with you tomorrow. I feel like a kid outta school!

Dan Dutton said...

I can't wait either. It'll be my first getaway since my bday!

Kim said...

Oh, Dan! Surely it has to break to encompass so much. You've had a gift of great women in your life.

Mary Beth said...

My Husband's favorite haiku:
"Under cherry trees there are no strangers."
~ Kobayashi Issa (if I am not mistaken)

Last night a friend wrote from Virginia. He’s a normally stoic Marine, yet his letter rhapsodized over a fog enshrouded his cherry tree “producing a white, whiter than white.”

Spring: nature's own psycho-therapy!

What’s in my addled brain? Well, I like thinking of Cebah and the Japanese Woman as beauties more beautiful than beauty. They are beings that stunning the admiring masses back into awareness, back into our natural state of blissful wonder.

Cathy said...

Your photos of Cebah just flatten me, and this is one of uncommon loveliness - such grace and beauty! She looks as rooted as the tree.

Dan Dutton said...

Kim, you are so right. I feel very blessed, and in a way that I hope isn't vain, verified that I'm on a good path, in counting some magnificent women as very close friends. (Including you!)

& speaking of, love from Lauren to you - I got to see her last nite in Louisville.

Dan Dutton said...

I'm glad this post evoked a haiku M.B.! I didn't know if this one would make sense to anyone - it seemed a little cryptic (like Chisato's statement) to me, but it is mysterious by nature I think.

When I first started trying to learn French I was struck by a Berlitz phrase book that had the word "Donne!" - (Give!) - like that, with an exclamation point. It seemed like an odd thing to have as a basic phrase, in English, unless it was meant to be used by a wrestler, or maybe a Salvation Army volunteer. It's one of those words, (like, when I was a teenager, the name "Eudora Welty" ((which I thought was hilarious for some reason!)) that stuck in my thought and keeps returning. Gradually it gathered a meaning of its own, and "Donne!" really gathered force once I came in contact with Chisato's Zen. Sometimes when the world seems demanding, I remind myself of how much the women in my life give.