Thursday, February 5, 2009


This little drawing, on a 5 x 8" piece of blue writing paper, is an example of something that happens occasionally - which is that I get an idea for a painting, pick up the nearest scrap of paper to jot down the idea, and the jot turns out to be a nice drawing, on a not so nice piece of paper, or done with something impermanent, like a ball point pen. The sepia ink is enhanced with watercolor and white chalk - the brownish haze is acid damage from the cheap paper. (I scrubbed some of it off, roughly, with photoshop.)

The oil painting of Crows turned out pretty well, but a little stiff compared with the drawing. It was, or is, if it still exists, large - 4' x 7'. An investment broker bought it in Cincinnati in the 80s - he told me that his wife didn't like it, but he bought it as an investment and planned to just store it in a vault. (!) What a strange world we live in!

I notice the crows more when the weather is cold and snowy, like it is now. You can hear their croaky conversations with each other clearly, way off in the pine woods across the branch.


Cathy said...

I really like this one. But why aren't any of the crows wearing pearls?

Dan Dutton said...

Ha! Surely not because they cast them all before swine... Maybe it was just early in the day for pearls!