Friday, February 6, 2009

The Cherry Picker:

I did many versions of this theme in the 80s. Most of them were small watercolors, modeled after Persian miniatures, but eventually I worked my way up to a medium-sized oil painting. As sometimes happens, the drawing, made as a plan, turned out a little better than the painting.

After being an oil painting the image became a song in "Love & Time" ~ "Monday, Tuesday, and Wed. Too" - and that a reference to a traditional Irish story concerning the Sidhe, or otherworld people.

My dear friend Doug, one of the most beautiful men I've ever known, helped as a model for this drawing, but only for the foreshortening of the body. He was a construction worker then, and too antsy to sit still for long. I used my own feet, and the face is made up.


Cathy said...

I'm wowed by the economy of line in the feet. You've captured a complex miracle of bone and flesh and muscle in a few pen strokes.

Dan Dutton said...

Well I have a thing about feet. He! Our feet really are miracles - they're seldom appreciated for the amazing task they have, and, these days anyway, even less appreciated as organs of touch.

It's neat to show these drawings ~ I'd never thought about letting others see them. Not that they were intended to be hidden - I've just never had a good way to share them.

binka said...

WFS first painting was the Cherry Picker, where is he now????????