Friday, January 16, 2009

The Newborn:

Painting these days seems next to impossible, but yesterday I was determined. I thought if the painting was a TINY thing, then I might have time to stretch the canvas and paint it. Alf, my elfin shadow, decided that gnawing on me was the best response to whatever it was that was taking attention away from him, and a host of other things that suddenly decided to have precedence over art also pressed in. So this little 6" x 6" is barely more than swabs. Bobby told me yesterday that several cows are ready to calve. If any were born last night, it must have been a cold awakening! The thermometer registered 2 degrees this morning.
But calves are born into such and survive - there are nine newborns so far this year.


SBD said...

Repeat my chinese quote here!
I like it!

Dan Dutton said...

Daub and swab couldn't quite do Bobby justice - but I did get his wrist and gloves. Eventually I'll get it, if I don't exhaust his patience first.