Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sketch for D.H.D.

Today I started making a sketch, rather an involved one, for a painting. I think the actual piece may need to be done with encaustic (melted wax mixed with pigment) instead of oil or acrylic paint, but we'll see. When I was a child I liked to color a piece of paper thickly with bright crayons, then cover that layer with an even thicker layer of black - THEN I would scratch through the black layer with something sharp to expose the colors underneath. The drawing would appear lke a reverse etching, colored lines on a black background. It seems to me that there might be a correspondence in such a method to the layers of time, what is hidden and revealed by graving into matter.

Here are two images of the sketch. Because the layers respond to the direction of light, a single pic hides as much as it reveals.

This may (finally) be the project where I work with gold leaf. The gold in this sketch is mica flake in acrylic.

The image is composed of with a cluster of things connected with my grandfather, Daniel Hoskins Dutton - the ancient white oak, the number seven, diagrams from a carpentry manual, the gilded decorations in the album he gave to my grandmother for xmas in 1896.


Cathy said...

The prismatic effect is beautiful - it looks like stained glass. This is a haunting composition.

SBD said...

The acorns adorning the edge are terrific. My! We have a rich and deep reservoir, don't we?

Dan Dutton said...

I just altered part of it. I'll post the newer one shortly. It zooms in on the eye ~ masonic & mysterious both.

Mary Beth said...

Loving the gold leaf. It's so much like the sunlight through the Christmas cactus!

The crayon project must have been a Kentucky kid thing! I remember playing with them too and thinking them the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Cathy said...

We did the crayon thing as kids in Denver too!

SBD said...

I treasured my crayons. My favorite color was and still is, burnt sienna....when I got that first box of 64 colors with exotic names.....heaven!