Monday, December 29, 2008

The Missing Calf:

This morning was a great combination, foggy and frosty. The fog froze onto the intricate tips and twigs of fencerow weeds, queen ann's lace and goldenrod, then the sunrise made everything sparkle. It looked fabulous.

After Bobby finished feeding the heifers and steers here on the hill, he took me with him over to see the new calves in the fields on the other side of Dry Branch, like this little girl, one day old.

We rode on a 4-wheeler all over the hillsides, under a gorgeous deep blue sky, checking to see that each new calf was up and nursing.

We found them all except one, the only bull calf in the batch. Cows can be very tricky about hiding their calves, and a newborn black calf, curled up into a ball and perfectly still, can be very well hidden. After riding for two hours I had to give up and tend to things at home, so Bobby dropped me off and went back to continue the search. When I saw him again, just before dark, he'd found the little bull, in a swag between a couple of rocks. We'd gone past him a bunch of times, looking hard and seeing nothing - the mother cow standing smug way out in the field - "You'll never find him."

She underestimated Bobby's determination.


Cathy said...

Maybe the mama knows what Bobby has in store for her boy.

Wonderful photos!

SBD said...

Daddy had the most wonderful ability to know his cattle and the way they thought. Bobby seems to share his gift.

Dan Dutton said...

He does. The cows are lucky that come under his care.