Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Mixtecmas:

Some years ago my friend Lucy B. & I hosted a Mexican Christmas party in the old studio. Lucy, a fantastic artist living in Mexico, brought her amazing collection of wood carvings for decorations. For my part in the decorating I painted this set of posters. The style is ancient Mixtec. I studied one of the rare codex that escaped being burned by the Spaniards, then took some of our mythic beings as subjects treated in that style.

In this one Mixtec Santa is calling Rudolph:

Here is the baby Jesus and a Christmas Tree. The bird at the top is a Quetzal, a subtropical bird whose long iridescent green tail feathers were much prized for headdress decorations:

This is Frosty with his magic broom:

And this is a singing Angel of Christmas:


Cathy said...

These are such fun.

Wall art for Isaac's puppet show, maybe?

SBD said...

I've never seen these, that my faulty memory can recall~~~
perhaps too much holiday spirit(s)?
They are great! What fun to unwrap old memories during the holidays!

Dan Dutton said...

Those Christmas parties, in the old studio, were a lot of fun, weren't they? How we packed all those dancing, laughing people in that small space is a mystery!

SBD said...

WE were young, sweaty, immune to cold and crazy!
What fun it was...