Thursday, December 18, 2008

Alf's playmate, Baby:

If Alf hears Bobby's truck coming up the hill, he goes to the door and begs, so that he can go out to the barn and play with Baby, Bobby's stock dog. I did this drawing last night with a brush and Japanese stick ink, some that my friend Chisato gave me, ground on a stone.

It feels good to be drawing again. I can't understand now why I couldn't see anything to draw for such a long period of time after finishing work on The Faun.


Cathy said...

Oh, that's wonderful! She's such a beautiful dog. Alf has good taste.

Dan Dutton said...

Their games are high comedy to watch. It took Alf a lot of doing to melt Baby's reserve (she's very serious - being a working dog.) - now they're like two peas in a pod.

This is probably the nicest drawing of a dog that I've done. & the best handling of brush and ink.

Cathy said...

The hair is really well done. You've captured her seriousness, I think.

I hope she got a bullie!

SBD said...

WFS thinks this is the best drawing of your career! No matter the subject. I would concur. With Baby & Sarah Belle's newly repaired photo, you really made his day.

Dan Dutton said...

She did get a bullie. Bobby tried to pass one off as nyc jerky to Bud ~ but Bud said his teeth weren't good enough to chew it! Har!

I was thinking that WFS would approve of this one.