Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Edina's father is dead, but is it art?


SBD said...

oh! Sarah Palin Wishes her hair could be as cool as Edina and Patsy... AbFab on the road. What fun. Happy Halloween to you and the queen of pranks.... Cebah!

Dan Dutton said...

Hee hee! I wish this clip had the first part of the show - when Eddy says she doesn't want to be buried, she's a Buddhist, she intends to be put on a rock in a river and pecked by birds.

Mary Beth said...

Your work with Pete's Spring continues to mezmorize me.

I'm up to the Autumn of 62 with my own family.This is the period in which their neutraility ended and the boys enlisted with the 1st Ky Cavalry, CSA. The heat of the summer, bardstown under marital law, hordes of Union soldiers foraging for food and supplies.... not a happy moment!

The drought of the summer had continued into the fall. Both Armies were suffering. Men died from heat stroke.

Thus, the Battle of Perryville began as a skirmish over pools of standing water near dry creek beds.

Spirits, water, memories of the Earth....

Dan Dutton said...

Wow Mary Beth ~ that is so interesting. One of the things that work with history as art subject and material is teaching me is the method of looking at things from many points of view. It's so easy to become locked into one way of seeing.

In the grand history of the war we forget things like the importance of water!

(Thanks so much for the photography email!)