Monday, October 20, 2008


Wanted to add these designs by Dan~~~~~There's more where these came from.......


Cathy said...

I'm lucky enough to have seen these in person. They're so beautiful, especially in Miss Sarah's lovely home.

Mary Beth said...

Plate #3 has me thinking of a Poem by Cold Mountain (Han-shan):

"Beneath high cliffs I live alone
swirling clouds swirl all day
inside my hut it might be dim
but in my mind I hear no noise
I passed through a golden gate in a dream
my spirit returned when I crossed a stone bridgre
I left behind what weighed me down
my dipper on a branch click clack"

It's mind boggling how the experiences of a viewer can alter the message of an artist work. Sorry to super impose Dan! However, you work did make me pause, breathe, and feel calmer :- )

SBD said...

That is so lovely.
Words have such power to improve and distill images~~~~
Each time I reach for a bowl, plate or platter from Dan or simply walk through my home, filled with his art...I want to write poems, sing songs, dance and cook!

Dan Dutton said...

What a wonderful poem. I love the way that images connect from mind to mind. The image on that plate is from a Chinese painting, one that I copied several times in different media. I'll check & see what period it is from.