Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Before before & After after:

Cathy asked to see the original photograph of my grandfather, before William worked his magic on it - so here's that. And here's a printout, in greytones, of the image William altered, which I worked with graphite to make the image a little stronger.
The curiousity is that this image, perhaps altered by the tendencies of my aesthetic, and my drawing practice, to become something unlike what it was, appears to be of a younger man than the sepia tone did. I had guessed 30s - this looks like a man in his 20s to me. When I become a little more knowledgeable about the chronology of photographic fashions and techniques, I may be able to pinpoint the age of my grandfather when this photo was taken.

My next step will be to print the image on drawing paper so that I can work it with silverpoint.


Cathy said...


What do you make of the pyramid shape over his head on the scroll?

Dan Dutton said...

That's intended to be a cutaway - decorative & curious. The whole treatment of the scroll is interesting - and typical, I'm guessing, of turn-of-the-century decorative arts. One side folds, the other curls - then there's the branch of stylized plants bursting through the illusionary paper. William thought that the scroll was made with a stock negative and the portrait double-exposed with it.