Sunday, August 24, 2008

White on White

I have the dubious distinction of having worn two of my grandmother's masterpieces to shreds. During my childhood and teens I slept under the "Double Wedding Ring" that she most likely gave to my parents as a wedding present. That quilt is now in tatters from all the lucid dreaming I did under it. In my twenties & thirties I slept under this "Irish Chain", (an intricate variation of "Nine Patch") which I think is perhaps her most elegant quilt, nearly all white, with dainty (or very light-faded) colors in the chains. Her version has quilted medalions or feather-wheels, white on white texture, in the spaces between the blocks. The small patterns echo the larger one.

This white on white assemblage, inspired by the Orisa Obatala (father of whiteness - the maker orisa) is also in my bedroom.

And my grandmother's magnifying glass.

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