Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome to dandyland muse!

For some time now various friends have urged me to start blogging before it's too late. Today I begin, and I'd like to start by welcoming my dear readers to dandyland by telling you a little about myself, and the place I where I live.

I devoted myself to art at a very tender age & have never regretted it since. The earliest "work of art" that I know of is a muffin tin, still kept by my mother, Cebah, (whom you'll hear much about here), which I carefully and completely flattened with a hammer. I'm sure I had nothing against muffins, or even convex or concave shapes. The important thing was being an agent of change.

My first memory is of a sense of certainty about art. For my third birthday someone gave me a packet of brightly colored plastic cars. I remember standing behind our smokehouse, looking at the packet, thinking that the present giver knew very little about me ~ I had no interest in cars whatsoever. But I consoled myself (smug already?) with the observation that the plastic was red, yellow, and blue. I knew that with the primary colors I could make anything.

The smokehouse, used for curing hams and bacon, is still here, on the hill which forms the main prominence of dandyland. I use the name dandyland to designate something which is a convergence of place, time, and collective acts of imagination. It can be visited here, on these pages, and you are welcome!



Cathy said...

Woohoooo! Danny has a blog, and I'm the first commenter!!

shepherdgirl said...

OK but I'm the second commenter.
This is going to be fun. My income, low as it is, is bound to go even lower what with donkeys and pie, and now a dandyland blog....