Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Architextural Digress visits the dandyland studio

This afternoon Klaus Krakin, an investigative reporter for Architextural Digress (it's a spinoff) visited the dandyland studio and took a bunch of photos. Magazines like to fill up space on the pages with photos because they give the eyes something to do while they're not reading. I think it was Alice who pointed out that books without pictures could be a little disappointing visually.

Luckily it was a surprize visit, which meant I didn't have time to dust. There's something magical about dust motes floating in a sunbeam that reminds me of the creation of the universe. You could create several with what's laying around my place. But K.Krakin was all about the poetics of Macho Twee space and hardly noticed the butt print he left in the dust on my bannister.
Click here, click there, a few text messages back to his editor and he was gone. I was impressed that they'd read yesterday's blog and put the wheels of exposure in motion so quickly ~ from mind to blog to coffeetable in 48 hrs.

I don't know if any of you, gentle readers, subscribe to Architextural Digress (?) so after the putts of Klaus' scooter faded over the horizon and the prophylactic membrane of dandyland resealed itself automatically, I got out my camera and put together a little tour of the studio just for you.


Cathy said...

Hee hee, you said 'prophylactic.'

No pic of the sleeping loft?

Dan Dutton said...

That was JUST for you, my dear! I'm thrilled you noticed - I feel like I could season a whole soup with a single grain of pepper!

The up-loader thingy would only do 5 at a time ~ so....

...the sleeping loft comes next.

William said...

"...Klaus Krakin, an investigative reporter for Architextural Digress..."

Is this a joke? Performance art?

Dan Dutton said...

Hee hee ~ I guess you could say that! Jean Ritchie told me they used to be afraid of the krakin they were told was in the branch, & thinking it was something like a snapping turtle or a crawdad ~ there's a Germanic link, I think, to Kris Kringle's blackened assistant, a sort of imp who dispensed the lumps of coal/switches - and linguistically further back, a term for "blackfish" ~ a type of small whale. Put em all together and make a reporter & you've got the very image of Klaus.

shepherdgirl said...

No wonder you left Apifera- you had this to go back too. Further enticement for a someday Kentucky you have wheelchair access, as it might be a few years, but someday.